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Are you looking to sell or trade your car in Clarksville, Jeffersonville, and the Louisville area? Craig & Landreth is in need of your vehicle! Using our online tool, you can quickly get a value on your car, truck, or SUV! You can also stop by any of our locations!

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Even if you don't buy a car, truck, or SUV from us.. we want your car! Craig & Landreth has been in business in Southern Indiana and Louisville KY for over 40 years. We promise a no hassle experience and fair values!

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Bad Credit Car Financing and Loans | Louisville KY

Having a quality car is important to keep up with life, however bad credit is something that might be stopping you. Whatever the reason behind your bad credit, be it bankruptcy, vehicle repossession, medical bills, divorce, or anything else that has hurt your credit rating, you may find it difficult to find an auto dealership that is able to arrange car financing and get you in a quality car.

Can you get a car financed with bad credit? Yes, but it's not an easy task. That's where we step in.

Bad credit car financing -- We Can Help

Are you looking for bad credit financing opportunities for your next vehicle purchase? Looking for a reliable source in this regard is essential. Craig & Landreth is your special car finance center for bad credit financing near Louisville KY. bad credit car financing louisville

We know credit challenges can happen to anyone, but it is never a permanent situation. Still, bad credit auto financing can be an unfortunate and tougher part of life.

We believe that bad credit due to a series of unfortunate incidents shouldn't be a reason to stop you from owning your own car. Instead, you must have given an equal opportunity to buy your own quality vehicle. Fortunately, we are giving this opportunity to you at affordable terms and helping you achieve your dream of owning a quality car. Our professional finance staff will walk you through how to purchase a vehicle. 

Make an inquiry!
When you are dealing with bad credit, you usually want to choose any opportunity coming your way to get out of the situation.
  • Even during this frustrating time, you might find a lot of used car lots during this period. Always remember, not every used car lot isn't reputable.
  • These might be offering you used cars at a high-interest rate or low-grade vehicles with higher mileage.
  • It is always highly recommended to avoid being in such a trap and perform your due diligence before choosing a car dealership for bad credit near Louisville, KY.
Make sure to perform some research and find out facts about bad credit auto financing to make the most out of this opportunity.

Every bad credit auto financing is unique.
Not a credit card score is unacceptable for every lender. Some lenders might be looking for the credit score you have. It is because every auto loan comes up with its own financial criteria, interest rates, and terms and conditions.

Overall, it is never impossible to find a good quality car with bad credit. We know what banks and credit unions work best for individual situations. 

Get help from us
Near Louisville, KY, no place can be better to buy your own quality car ever with bad credit than Craig and Landreth. We have been helping our clients finding the right auto financing options for bad credit and own a good quality car without any stress.

By contacting us, you will find that buying a car with bad credit near Louisville, KY isn't a problem anymore.

Do you want to know more about financing a car with bad credit? Get in touch with us to get further information.

How to buy a used car

If you’re looking for a car, truck, or SUV and want to find a great ride, then visiting a Louisville area used car dealer is always the right idea. Not only do you get access to a wide array of options, but you can stick to your budget and not overspend. Plus, buying a used car is always a good idea if you want to save money for other projects, while still having a way to move around quickly and with more efficiency. Here are some tips on how you can buy the right used car for you! At Craig & Landreth Clarksville, we are Louisville area's premiere car dealership. We offer inventory for every budget, with most of our inventory being like new! Our friendly sales specialists at Craig and Landreth are ready to assist you today.

Identify your budget and stick to it

Ideally, you want to start with a predefined budget before you search for used cars near me. This way you will know what you afford and what cars are over budget. There are all kinds of used cars for sale, you just want to stick to those that you can afford. This way you can eliminate any concerns, while still accessing great results. Also, create a list of brands you are interested in, then narrow it down based on prices and other relevant factors.

Create a checklist

Before you visit the car dealership, create a list with the things you want from your used car. Do you need it to run well and not require any repairs? Or are you willing to go for a more expensive, yet used model that needs repairs. Also, think about the boot space you need, if the car needs to be used for towing, whether you want diesel or gas and so on. All these little things will end up pushing you towards a certain vehicle type.

Check the vehicle history report

Every car dealership selling used vehicles will be able to show you that vehicle’s history report. You want to know if the car has a lengthy history, what issues may be present, and so on. It’s important to go for vehicles that have a pristine car report, or at least as few issues as possible. Too many issues can be a sign that you need to stay away.

Go for a test drive

Visit the used car dealer and ask for a test drive. During this experience, you want to check the visibility, check for any strange smells, study the tires and their threads, if the brakes are working properly and so on. You also want to see if there’s enough legroom and headroom, if you can get into the car with ease or not, if the AC is working properly and so on. Also, you want to pop the hood and see if there are any leaks, stuff covered in oil or steaming. You should also have the car inspected by a professional, just to be safe. Even if some things can be identified on your own, you can still end up missing stuff.


It’s very important to use all these tips and tricks when you visit the used car dealer. This is a very good way to identify what car suits your needs and how you can pick the best option. Don’t rush, and instead focus on getting the best results. You will be incredibly happy with the experience, especially if you study prices for all used cars near me and stick only to your requirements. This will help you prevent overspending, while getting the best bang for your buck!

Used Cars for Sale, Car Dealership Clarksville, IN

Are you looking for used cars for sale in Clarksville, IN? It is always important to find the best car dealership Clarksville, IN. This will not only help you from paying too much for a used car but also let you make the most out of your money with ease.

Craig and Landreth Clarksville is your go-to car dealership Clarksville, IN

However, for used cars, Craig and Landreth Clarksville is your go-to car dealership Clarksville, IN. At Craig and Landreth Clarksville, we are here to simplify the process of getting the right car for your use. Even more, we are not only offering an amazing range of used car models here for sale.

However, we are also providing our potential customers with the right guides, and information regarding what’s trending in the world of used cars for sale.

We are here to make your used cars for sale search a lot easier and convenient.

What makes Craig and Landreth Clarksville best for you?

Do you want to know what makes us the best car dealership Clarksville, IN for our customers? Let’s have a look at the key benefits and features of our services below to get a better idea.

car dealership

So, here we go:

A wide variety of used cars for sale available

We take pride in ourselves for delivering a diverse selection of used cars for sale. Most amazingly, we keep updating our selection of used cars constantly to ensure the best deals for you. Even more, we are also offering delivery on our used cars for sale. So, you don’t worry while finding the best car for you at our dealership.

A professional team for your help

Furthermore, we are working with an experienced and professional team. All of our team members are qualified and experienced in their tasks. They will not only help you to find out the best-used car for you here. Also, they will let you know every bit of necessary information about it. This will include its parts, car history, warranty, and anything else you want to know. So, you can easily make a better choice with ease.

An experience to remember

Unlike other digital startups, we at Craig and Landreth Clarksville are aimed to offer our customers an amazing experience that they can remember forever. We are here to make things easier and smoother for you.

Overall, our services are built to satisfy modern-age customers in the best possible way.

An authorized car dealership Clarksville, IN

Don’t go to any unauthorized car dealership here to avoid wasting money. We are a certified and authorized car dealership in Clarksville, IN. We have served tons of customers with quality services. We have helped numerous customers in finding their dream cars here.

So, you can easily trust our services and get your favorite car home easily.

We are offering the best deals on the used cars available for sale here. So, you can get great deals on our used cars for sale today!

Do you want to get any further information about our used cars for sale here? Get in touch with us today to know more.

View Popular Used Car Models

Trading your car KBB says now it's time

If you're near Louisville KY and looking to sell or trade your car, there hasn't been a better time! According to industry experts Kelley Blue Book, it's a great time to command top dollar for your old car, thanks to market conditions. KBB says there is a huge opportunity to trade your vehicle:

KBB wrote... "If you have been considering selling or trading in your car anytime soon, now is the time to get serious. With low vehicle inventory on dealership lots, increased car-shopper demand and resulting high prices, the market conditions are prime for peak consumer profit for people selling their vehicle, according to Kelley Blue Book."

Using KBB, Craig and Landreth Clarksville is happy to take your car in on trade. View our trade or sell center for more information! Get top dollar for your trade-in at Craig & Landreth today. 

Used BMW vehicles near Louisville

Searching for a BMW near Louisville? Craig and Landreth is a full-service dealership with a wide selection of used BMW cars and SUVs. Louisville shoppers have plenty of options to choose from when buying a pre-owned car. They should give Craig and Landreth a try because of our massive inventory, inspected used vehicles, great financing terms, and our reputation. 

bmw louisville

BMW cars and SUVs are known for their comfortable ride, sleek interior and exterior styling, and great features. From the BMW X5 to 7-series BMW sedan, the luxurious BMW lineup offers great choices for all budgets and lifestyles. 

Test Drive a Used BMW Vehicle Louisville, KY | Clarksville, IN | Jeffersonville, IN

When you start browsing BMWs at Craig and Landreth, you'll be pleased to meet our friendly sales team. They're ready to show you all the features on the BMW you're interested in, take you for a test drive, and show you financing options. You can either view our inventory at one of our convenient car dealerships near Louisville or browse cars online. We also take trades! Give our team a call to start driving a great used BMW.

Used Lexus Vehicles near Louisville

Lexus is known for its quality and reliability, so it makes sense why shoppers are after a great deal on a Louisville Lexus. Luckily, Craig and Landreth has Lexus used vehicles in stock for Louisville car shoppers at our Louisville car lot. Our quality and inspected Lexus inventory makes us a no brainer for buying Lexus in Louisville.

Craig and Landreth is a one stop shop for Lexus vehicles. Rated as one of the top used car dealers in Louisville, Craig and Landreth Clarksville carries Lexus cars and SUVs. From the RX 350 SUV, IS 250 coupes, and ES 350 sedan, we've got plenty of options. We encourage you to let our friendly sales staff near Louisville show you all of your options when shopping for a Lexus. We have the selection and expertise to show you the Lexus that fits your budget and lifestyle. 

Lexus video walk around in Louisville

Need to finance a Lexus? Our used car financing specialists will pair you with one of our prefer lenders for great financing terms. Visit us today right across the bridges at Craig and Landreth!

Used Chevy Dealer near Me

Test Drive Used Chevy Clarksville

Are you looking for a used Chevy dealer near me? Clarksville and Louisville truck shoppers have tons of options when buying a used Chevy. Are you not sure where to start? Craig and Landreth has everything you need in a used Chevy dealer:

  • Used Chevy trucks for sale
  • Used Chevy cars for sale
  • Used Chevy SUVs for sale
  • Aggressive financing available
  • Great trade in numbers
  • CarFax provided with every purchase

Nice Chevy Selection!

Located near Veterans Parkway, Craig and Landreth has a massive pre-owned Chevy inventory. We have a great lineup of Chevy vehicles, including the Chevy Silverado. Our friendly sales experts are happy to show you the Chevy of your dreams, take you on a test drive, and discuss features and needs. We're here to help Clarksville Chevy shoppers through every step of the buying process -- that's why we're one of the highest rated pre-owned dealers in Southern Indiana. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

View Popular Used Models

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